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MY FAMICASE 「わたしのファミカセ展」・ 2021

My Famicase is a yearly exhibit run by the METEOR gallery in Tokyo, Japan, which challenges designers all over the world to invent an imaginary NES game and design a cartridge label around the idea. The gallery then takes these designs and produces actual mockups of what the games might have looked like for their in-person exhibit! See my submission:

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「わたしのファミカセ展」は年次デザイン展示である。目的は、新しいゲームのコンセプトを考えついて、ファミコン・ゲームのカートリッジ元にしてデザインを作ることである。展示を開催されている場所は「METEOR」という杉並区のギャラリー。毎年「METEOR」の従業員さんは参加している芸術家のデザインをまとめて展示する。2021年に、「 Gaming Expo」という展示会の一部としてデザインは香港でも展示された。初めて外国での展示だった。

➤ オンラインで展示を見る「日本語」

➤ オンラインで動画ツアーを見る「広東語」


Originally created as a light joke, intending to address the apparent shortage of bread-themed games, "Bread Game" is a high-speed arcade game about delivering bread to your fellow townsfolk under the moonlight. Pick up loaves at the local bakery and distribute your bounty as efficiently and swiftly as possible.

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Hone your organizational abilities through wild mail-sorting gameplay, and work your way up the ranks in Postal Training Program (PTP). This game was created for the 2020 A Game By Its Cover game jam by myself and the wonderfully talented musician AJ Booker, based on an entry to the 2020 My Famicase Exhibition.

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In Starsplosion, you'll launch and smash your way through an onslaught of celestial objects, collect power-ups, and amass space dust in your journey through the cosmos. This arcade-style game blends classic pinball and shoot 'em up mechanics, and requires quick reflexes and careful precision in order to score big.

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